More and more French people are choosing to spend their holidays camping . And if camping may have at one time had an image of a low-end vacation, this is no longer the case today. Indeed, campsites have tended to modernize and diversify in recent years. They offer numerous activities and offer more and more comfort to their customers. You have already spent a night in a tent, but you have many questions about the possibility of spending your vacation camping. Comfort, friendliness, value for money, so many questions that we will try to answer.

First of all, camping is synonymous with relaxation, nature and conviviality, which is why it is increasingly popular with vacationers. Whether you are spending your vacation with family or friends, camping is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy your vacation. If you are not yet completely convinced, here are some arguments that will help you make your choice between a traditional vacation and a camping trip .

Camping synonymous with comfort and conviviality

Many people still think that camping is a place completely devoid of comfort. The idea of ​​spending a holiday in a tent without the slightest comfort around could discourage more than one person, yet today campsites have numerous infrastructures which allow you to spend a very pleasant holiday.

The comfort necessary for a good vacation

Setting up your tent, inflating your mattress or settling into a small mobile home  remains a necessary evil at the start of your vacation. But camping is not just about simple accommodation in the great outdoors . In fact, in recent years, campsites have evolved a lot and offer campers maximum comfort. Today, campsites are becoming more and more like large leisure centers, which is very welcome when you go on vacation with children. From the swimming pool to the children’s play areas, there is everything you need to relax, some campsites even have bakeries or mini markets inside their premises to make it easier to get supplies. Whatever type of accommodation you choose, tent , caravan , yurt  or bungalow, one thing is certain, and that is that you will not lack anything.

Although camping has evolved a lot in recent years in terms of comfort, it nonetheless remains a friendly place with a special atmosphere. Far from being a caricature at this level, Franck Dubosc’s film represents the friendly atmosphere of the campsite well. Often established in the countryside, with open spaces, camping encourages exchanges. It is the ideal place to meet up with family or friends and also to meet new people. In this context, nothing is more natural than chatting with your neighbors or having an aperitif with them. It’s also an opportunity for children to make new friends for the holidays. In addition, they will be able to enjoy a certain freedom since they will be able to walk and play in a completely enclosed and secure park. It is also an opportunity for them to discover nature and get a breath of fresh air. A change of scenery guaranteed for little city dwellers.

Each campsite has its own atmosphere, it all depends on what you prefer. From luxury camping by the sea to wilderness camping in the middle of the woods, there is something for everyone. Of course, it is up to you to choose the place that suits you best, but, whatever the campsite, conviviality remains the strong point of this type of accommodation.

Go on vacation without spending too much

Another advantage of camping , compared to hotels and other tourist accommodation, is the price. In fact, the price of a night at the campsite remains very affordable and much cheaper than in a hotel. Which is not insignificant especially when you go with family.

The average cost of a tent pitch in high season is around 20 euros, it is even possible to find pitches available for 11 euros per night. If you opt for accommodation in a mobile home, the price will necessarily be higher, count on average 800 euros for a week.

Camping therefore remains a good way to spend an affordable vacation . Campsites have nevertheless diversified in recent years, and some of them offer luxury services which increasingly resemble those of holiday villages. These campsites therefore charge higher prices. Today there is a star rating system, like that of hotels. A 4 or 5 star campsite will therefore be synonymous with luxury and the prices will therefore be higher.

Get out of the routine to experience unforgettable adventures

Camping is the ideal place to disconnect from daily routine. An exotic setting, a friendly place, what could be better to relax and enjoy these long-awaited and well-deserved vacations?